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Credit: Courtesy of Jessica Haggard / Lidl US

Each year, Pinterest, the social media platform with 175 million active users, releases its annual report of food, style, parenting, home, and travel trends, based on data about what users are talking about and pinning most. Readers of this site are no strangers to the fashionable social network, and so we were keenly interested in the 10 things Pinterest says foodies are going to be talking about in 2018.

Based on the list, it seems like most of you are ahead of the curve. We’ve been covering a few of these for awhile.


1) The Rise of the Air Fryer

Here at Cooking Light, we’re big fans of the air fryer given its ability to drastically reduce the amount of heart-stopping oil needed to crisp up foods like potatoes and chicken. Pinterest says users looking for air fryer inspiration have risen nearly 2,000 percent this year alone.

Credit: Photo: NuWave
Credit: Courtesy of Jessica Haggard / Lidl US

2) Souping Over Juicing

Nutritious soups are sure to dominate 2018. Activity for soup pins are up more than 300 percent. And turning your blends into heartier pureés rather than smoothies is on the rise as well. Retailers have noticed: German-grocer Lidl recently released what they call a “Cook n’ Blend,” a kettle-like gadget where you simply toss in your ingredients, select your consistency, and wait for you creation to simmer to life. Independent sellers also retail this gadget online.  

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3) Potently Powerful Coffees

You know coffee is healthy, but more and more people have turned towards adding tactfully nutritious additives to boost the health benefits, a change from the days where cream and sugar reigned supreme. Things like protein powders and maca root powder will continue to play an increased role in cafés and coffeehouses in 2018.

Credit: Photo: Caitlin Bensel, Styling: Blakeslee Giles, Audrey Davis

4) North African Spices

There is increased curiosity in harvesting the powerful flavors and health benefits from spices like cumin, coriander, and cardamom. Pins for Moroccan foods are up more than 2,000 percent, and here at Cooking Light we’ve delved into how gourmands can use these essential spices with recipes like our Soothing Cardamom Sipper.

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5) Plant Proteins

Pins for plant proteins are up a whopping 417 percent on Pinterest, and more cooks than ever are going plant-based—seeking out strong sources of protein without resorting to meat. You can expect to see an increased use of staples like spinach, quinoa, lentils, and other supercharged plant proteins.


6) Edamame and Snap Peas

The obsession with these popular veggies continue, especially in the snack aisle—Pinterest interactions with snap peas are up nearly 275 percent.

Credit: Photo: Bushwick Kitchen

7) Spicy Condiments

A fresh take on sriracha in 2018 will be the Internet’s coming obsession with Gochujang, one of Korea’s most popular fermented chile pastes. We love the flavor, and find it reminiscent of a fiery miso. Searches for Korean condiments are up 222 percent.

Credit: Photo: Westend61/Getty

8) Ghee

Drawbacks to dairy are an increasing concern. However, this clarified butter is lactose-free and can stand up to a lot of heat in the kitchen. Users are interested in incorporating ghee into their homes as saves for “ghee” are up 150 percent.

Credit: Photo: Jamie Vespa

9) Vegan Desserts

The greatest non-dairy swaps for vegan sweets are coconut oil instead of butter and flax seeds for eggs. Interactions with ultra clean, vegan-friendly desserts are up 329 percent.

Credit: Caitlin Bensel

10) Faux Cocktails

There’s nothing’s better than a mocktail to spice up what might have otherwise been a routine beverage—our modern obsession with mixers like La Croix and other wholesome drink bases can attest to that. Virgin cocktails interactions are up 160 percent on Pinterest, and mocktails are a great low-calorie option to spice up everyday meals