There's no substitute for success, so we turned to readers who have taken weight off--and kept it off. Here, their top tips for ending your year lighter.

"I eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper."—LINDSAY KATE"Measure portions. They are always smaller than you think, and it does make a huge difference."—AIMEE SEAVEY

"I just read that this one model eats her meals in the nude because it discourages overeating. Could make for an interesting dinner with the fam!"—LOUISE ESOLA

"I've lost almost 146 pounds, and the biggest thing I have learned is to ignore everyone and do what works best for me. I didn't cut anything out, but I portion control everything. I drink water and exercise 6 days a week."—SONYA COENEN

"Make sure your plates are small! I swear smaller plates work."—JULIA SFORZA

"Brush and floss after you eat. It really cuts down on the snacking!"—JULI ALBRIGHT

"Keep your biggest food weaknesses out of the house. If you are craving something so much that you are willing to get up off the couch, make sure you are dressed for going out, and actually get in the car to go get it, then you can have it. You’d be amazed how infrequently you want something that badly."—TIFFANY WOODWARD

"When you’re hungry, try drinking a glass of water and then waiting. Water can sometimes make you feel full and curb your appetite."—JUDY SPENGEMAN-SEATON

"Chew gum while cooking dinner to prevent snacking."—BECKI SUE

What weight-loss strategies have worked for you? Leave a comment and share your tips with others.