By: Gabe Chernov

I recently realized that in the past, my long stretches of absence in the gym weren't really due to a lack of time or motivation—it was boredom that kept me from coming back. Without really being aware of it, I'd put myself into a fitness rut; it wasn't just my body that had stopped responding to the routine, but my head just wasn't it in anymore.   

Before deciding to revamp my workouts, I liked my routine because I felt that it worked for me. I knew what I was doing and felt comfortable working through the routine on my own. But when that comfort zone became downright dreary, I found myself feeling less and less inclined to head to the gym at all. Enter my fitness consultant, Myatt.
Myatt suggested that, to decrease boredom in my workouts, I could do each exercise four different ways. I now rotate between the four methods he recommended (barbell, dumbbell, machine, and resistance band). I enjoy using the same method for each exercise. One day's routine will involve only barbells and the next day's routine will consist of machine exercises. This changes up my pace and keeps things fresher.

I also really benefit from focusing on one side at a time, which allows me to concentrate more productively on each specific muscle. I feel like I get a better work out this way, and I enjoy the effort it takes to maintain proper form and control.

I now also know that my weight training routines should be anything but routine. Once I feel like I can do my workout routines in my sleep, my body is definitely ready for some change. Adding some variety to my workouts has helped me stay with the program and has actually helped me get in better shape.