Julianne wants to gain weight. And she wants to figure out a healthy way to do it.

When Julianne was in high school, she was, as she calls it, a "practicing anorexic." Now, a mother of two, she has spent the last 20 years successfully dealing with her body image issues. But unfortuantely, Julianne acknowledges, "That's my coping mechanisim; I tend to restrict."

And, like so many of us, Julianne grew up in the low-fat 80s. "I have it in my brain: fat is bad," she says. Which is why she was eager to be July Healthy Habits Coaching Client, where we will focus on adding healthy fats to the diet.

When Julianne and I reviewed her family's fridge and favorite meals, here's what we found: low-fat milk, light butter, reduced-fat salad dressing, meats, cheeses, deli stuff. Her children love mac and cheese (ok, they love anything with cheese), and breaded meats.

Do you see a trend? Julianne is restricting the healthy fats like olive oils, while eating meats and cheeses, which tend to have more saturated fats. I'm a fan of skim milk on the cereals, but Julianne was missing those healthy fats that you get from nuts, seeds, nut oils, fish, and avocados.

This week, Julianne decided to:

1. Add a salmon recipe (her husband LOVES salmon, but she isn't sure how the kids will react). She's going with Salmon with Hoisin Glaze.

2. Add more nut and seed oils (she already has sesame oil in the house, from a past Cooking Light recipe, and she loves it). I'm encouraging her to use a good extra virgin or sesame oil as a finishing oil, not a cooking oil -- something to just drizzle on at the end for extra flavor. The recipe above calls for sesame oil, so she'll be adding two healthy fats with one recipe.

3. She loves creamy dressings of the light variety; I've asked her to find a dressing that uses avocado as a main ingredient, so she'll add a healthy creamy fat. She's selected the Avocado Herb Dressing from this Roasted Corn and Radish Salad.

Check back next week, let's see how these recipes go over with her family. Better yet, join in and try these recipes along with Julianne.

Tell us: Do you have a favorite healthy fat recipe we can try next week?

Eat like you mean it!