Sometimes we need an extra push when it comes to February's healthy habit. Although my Zumba DVDs have been a lot more enjoyable than traditional gym workouts, it's getting to the point when I need a kick in the pants to keep me going. That's where goals come in.

I've found that the best goals are tangible or specific, as opposed to one that's admirable, but vague. For example, whether your ultimate goal is to be healthy or get in shape (or both), the idea, while nice, isn't something you can latch on to. One way I've made my Get Moving goal more specific is to attach it to a vacation I'm taking in a month, which will involve a lot of swimsuit action. Now, I'm not just getting in shape; I'm exercising to feel more comfortable in that swimsuit. 

But for those who might need more incentive, like me and my terrible will power, adding extra layers to this goal can help ensure you won't fall off the workout wagon.

I've added two extra layers:
1. My boyfriend is also vowing to exercise more (doing the Insanity workouts), and as a result, we're holding each other accountable. A workout buddy can help push you when you're having trouble motivating yourself.

2. We've promised each other a tangible gift if, by the end of March, we've followed through with our exercise goals. I get a new swimsuit (hooray), and he gets a cruise excursion paid for by yours truly. A gift can be as little as a trip to the frozen yogurt self-serve at the end of the week or a movie night with the boys/girls. As long as it's something you don't normally have or experience, any goal works, even if they're embarrassingly vain or materialistic (like mine!)

Has anyone else had any success with goals to Get Moving? How have you motivated yourself to exercise?