It takes time to change a habit.  Commit to 30 days.  You can do almost anything if you give it 30 days.  

But adopting a new habit doesn't just meaning learning a new behavior; it typically means subtracting an old habit. What habits do you need to replace? And think about what's standing in your way. What are your habit hurdles?

For each of the 12 Healthy Habits we want to know about your specific challenges. What's making it tough for you meet each goal?  

We appreciate all of you answering our habit-related questions on Facebook.  We want to shape the 12HH book in ways that will help you with those hurdles.

Here's just a sampling of what we're discovering:

Get Moving Challenge- 

#1 thing that would help people exercise more:  Friends to do it with.

Some people also talked about the lack of time and motivation, while others said they needed more support from family and friends to exercise 3 times a week :  "Understanding from family and friends that my ME time is just that!"

Whole Grains Challenge-

#1 reason why people have a hard time getting enough whole grains: They're confused about what counts as a whole grain; can't tell what they're buying.

Get Cooking Challenge-

#1 reason why people don't cook more at home:  They need more ideas for quick, easy meals.  Well, we will definitely have that covered!

So join the conversation. If you have a story to tell, email me at What have you done to change your habits?  Are you having some success?  Let us know how you're overcoming your habit hurdles. 

(photo courtesy of beenbair on flickr)