By: Michael Siegel

I am not a morning person. I calculate to the minute how much time I need to get out of bed, get ready, and get me and my childr

en to school/work on time. Breakfast has come down to how long it takes to prepare. The quicker it takes, the more likely I will prepare and eat it. Oatmeal still remains my staple breakfast food. It takes a total of two minutes to make, and I can take it in a “to go” container in my car. However, I have started to boil eggs the night before and have added them to my choices. Granted, hard-boiled eggs do not taste as good as the oatmeal, but they take no time to prepare. It is like grabbing a piece of fruit. I probably eat hard-boiled eggs about twice a week now.

I also now keep a jar of nuts at my desk just in case I did not have time to eat one of my breakfast staples in the morning. The nuts do not fill me up as quickly, so I tend to eat more of them in the morning. Not sure if that is good or bad, but it is better than munching on high sugar snacks which I was doing before.

I also use the weekends to give me the variety that I was looking for: I make a hot high-protein breakfast or eat a whole-wheat bagel.

Overall, the advice given to me has helped. I have put a little more variety in what I eat for breakfast without having to add additional time in the morning. I do not feel that I will stop eating breakfast now that I have a little more variety.