By: Tiffany Vickers Davis, Cooking Light Assistant Test Kitchen Director

I avoided my 30 minutes of “moving” for several days last week, but it was nagging me like crazy. It was important to me before the challenge, and I struggled to put all other things aside for even 30 minutes — even on vacation!

I put the housework, dinner, errands, bills, phone calls... ANYTHING in front of a workout and truthfully, I cannot figure out why. I don’t hate it. I feel great when it is over. I have a gym I like and friends who will meet me to walk, run, whatever. We even have a local Lululemon that offers free classes several days per week so there is no excuse except...LAZINESS.

So, Saturday I was so over myself and all my excuses that I hopped up and left my house a (sort-of) wreck and went to the gym with the simple goal of staying on the treadmill for only 30 minutes. I could do that, run through the shower and meet my husband for a happy hour appetizer and a movie (see how I still cram it in). The difference in how I felt, slept, processed my thoughts even was tangible. I liked it so much I went for a walk on Sunday with a friend at a local park and ended up walking for almost 2 hours.

It just took that first step — now my gym bag is ready to go!

Readers, are any of you struggling with this month's goal? How have you been getting yourself to get moving?