Getting the Parmeley boys to eat healthier has certainly been a challenge, but I believe that we have made some progress.

The first suggestion I put in place has been to add healthy fish to our meal plans. My goal has been to add fish once a week. There have been some successes and some failures. I prepared Skillet Filets with Cilantro Butter that got four thumbs up. Wooo hooo! The favorites file is now one recipe bigger.

The next week, I tried Citrus Salmon with Garlicky Greens. Instead of making the salmon in the oven, I used the grill. Personally, I thought it was yummy, but the boys? Three thumbs down. Lesson learned: keep the fish very mild! My goal is to continue serving fish at least once a week and keep looking for recipes to add to the favorites.

Another suggestion by Cooking Light was to stretch meat further by using more veggies. I made Vegetable and Steak Fajitas with “Killed” Jalapenos (minus the jalapenos—too hot for our palate). I brought the fajitas to the table with the intent of letting the boys put their own together. I didn’t realize how adept they are at eating around the vegetables! The meat was gone and all that was left was veggies. Lesson learned: if I want the veggies to make it to the plate, I better put them there! I plan to keep adding in meals with more of a stir-fry feel, replacing some of the meat with more veggies.

This leads to another one of Cooking Light's suggestions: Go meatless. This is HUGE step for the Parmeley boys. If there is no meat, that makes it a side dish! What I would like to do is continue cutting down the amount of meat for a while longer before I take the meatless leap. But we’ll get there!

All in all, this has been a great experience. Finding healthy alternatives to the high saturated fat meals in our diet has been a challenge made so much easier with the help of Cooking Light. With their simple-to-implement advice and wonderful recipes, I have already put some small changes in place without upsetting the apple cart too badly. Overall, I know that I am going to continue looking for healthier recipes and meal plans for my boys. Thanks Cooking Light!