January's challenge should be easy—adding at least 3 servings of fruit and veggies per day. Since I’m barely getting three to begin with it shouldn’t be too difficult to actually add three, right? Like most people, I know I need more fruits and vegetables, but I have just not made it a priority. But, it’s a new year and being the list-maker that I am, I’m putting eating more fruits and vegetables high on my checklist. I’m hoping that the great feeling I get by checking off those boxes for other things in life is going to translate into feeling good about my food habits as well.

My plan has to be intentional. Clearly not being thoughtful when it comes to eating fruits and vegetables up to this point has not been working. So, for starters, I’m going to shop on the weekend to prepare for the week ahead. And I’m going to hit the produce section particularly hard. Who knows, maybe I’ll even discover some new favorite fruits and vegetables. 

Has anyone found new favorite fruits and veggies just by trying new recipes? Tell us how planning has helped you accomplish January's challenge.