When I first embarked on June's Healthy Habit, I read over the strength training tips in the issue. My challenge, is nearly word-for-word Jeff Vincent's challenge (The Cardio-Happy Traveler). Although I don't travel nearly as often as he does, I, too, treat strength training in an unstructured way, doing exercises, using machines, and counting reps randomly whenever I had energy left over after doing 30 minutes of cardio.

One of the tips given to Jeff was creating an exercise log. Although I haven't noted in detail my strength training exercises each time I hit the gym, I have written down a couple exercise circuits I can do, along with a recommended number of reps on my iPhone. After a bit of cardio, I can turn on my phone and refresh my memory. Because of this, I've seen a difference in the frequency and quality of my strength training. I'm not just spending 10 minutes on the leg press, 2 minutes on bicep curls, a few overhead presses here and there.

I've been better at incorporating strength training into my workouts now that I have a plan I can stick to and never have to second guess my time spent off the treadmill or bike. 

Tell us: Has anyone else used any of the tips and found that they've helped in strength workouts?