It’s nice to have a friend who is a chef, and it’s even better when I’m included in their dinner plans.  My friend Dan Latham of Moto Bene in Atlanta, and his wife recently asked me over for dinner.  Dan cooked basically whatever he found in the kitchen. Why can’t I be more like that? A mix of cauliflower, onions, and mushrooms seasoned and sautéed perfectly along with sweet potato fries and grilled chicken from the local farmers' market.  It was delicious and showed me a new way to enjoy cauliflower—thanks Dan!  Plus, that photo you are looking at fed 4 of us, so the portion size was perfect!
And since ordering vegetables in restaurants is really what I’m working on…I hope you have a Zoe’s where you live. Its menu features the freshest ingredients based on a Mediterranean diet.  Their hummus and salad plate comes with a Greek salad, cucumber raita, olives, hummus (obviously), and pita bread.  It’s gorgeous on the plate, so full of color, which is one thing I’ve learned over the years…the more colorful your food, the better it is for you. As I eat there at least once a week, this dish has become one of my favorites on the menu.  Atlanta folks…any other healthy restaurant ideas you can send my way?