I really am a morning person, I promise. Windows open with the fresh air pouring in, birds casting out a cheerful tune, deer munching in the meadow… Alright, my mornings weren't like that, but I still enjoyed the mornings. Something has changed in the past year where I have started to love sleeping more and more. I love sleeping in, more than I like the mornings, and I haven’t even become a night owl! I go to bed early and wake up late, totally not conducive to productivity. I used to wake up as soon as my radio roared to life with NPR’s Morning Edition at the helm. Now it’s at least two snoozes and 10 minutes of listening to Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne on the radio. Music and annoying sounds are futile at prohibiting my extra slumber.

So where does breakfast fit in now? I want to eat breakfast and enjoy a little solace before the day, but how do I get up in time? It seems petty and ridiculous to not be able to get up in time for breakfast, but that’s my struggle for eating breakfast every day. I am sure I’m not the only one out there, you know who you are.

Right now, it's just breakfast for me. But by the end of May, it will be breakfast for two. Maybe married life will be a motivator.

What is your motivator for waking up a touch early to get your first meal in?