October was my month to eat less salt, but I will warn you: I didn’t want to! My family has a history of high blood pressure—who cares! Though, I don’t have medical issues, I could in the future—so what!

See, I told you I wasn’t happy about it. And I could think of 11 challenges that would have been much easier for me to do. However, because this particular challenge was the one with which I have the most difficulty, and because I’m competitive by nature, I set out to overcome my salty addiction.

After consulting with my challenge motivator, I began to implement some of her suggestions: I started to salt “once.” Mind you it was the most forceful shake of the salt shaker ever, but it was still only once. I also began to become more mindful of the amount of salt-ful components on my plate. And now I must admit that once my desensitized buds recovered, I really began to enjoy the natural flavors of foods.

Salt enhances a food’s flavor, but I was missing the taste that food supply on their own. I am still a work in progress, but I’m pretty proud of myself.