“Be portion aware!” It’s the mandate shouting at me from this month’s 12 Healthy Habits pages. It’s not really shouting, of course. That’s just my own portion “noise.” Because trust me: I am very portion aware. I’m actually more portion disregard. Because I know a grape from a galette—and will even surprise myself by often picking the former over the latter—just gimme a whole lot of those grapes.

Despite my tendency toward “more is more,” I fully acknowledge it’s not a healthful eating philosophy, and my habits could definitely use some tweaking. I’ve been trying to follow some of the principles outlined here by downsizing my plate sizes and styling my food to fill that smaller plate more appealingly. But I’m still having trouble when faced with big eating events, like the impending holidays, football games, and random crummy Tuesdays.

That’s where the best portion-related advice I’ve come across comes in. And it just so happens to be super timely with the rapid approach of the most overportioned of all holidays…Thanksgiving. The advice was something like this: Don’t save your favorite foods like dressing, mashed potatoes, and pecan pie for “special” occasions or holidays, or you’ll be tempted to go overboard, seeing them as a limited time offer. Who’s to stop you from enjoying a small scoop of stuffing or a sliver of pecan gooeyness in June? Certainly not me. So I think it’s time for me to start applying the same advice to my other favorite foods. Maybe our biannual trip to our favorite pizza place doesn’t have to be a stretchy pants free-for-all. What if I…gulp…started with a salad before moving on to a more sensible amount of slices? Does that mean I could pizza it up more often? Hmm. Maybe there’s something to this whole portion awareness after all. Please pass the grapes.