Time to start using those free sanitizing wipes...
Credit: Photo: Bloomberg / Getty Images

ReuseThisBag.com, an online retailer of reusable grocery bags, conducted a test where they swabbed the surfaces at four different grocery chains. They tested the surfaces of the stores' grocery carts, door handles, and food items, and sent the samples out for lab testing. 

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that the filthiest carts were found in traditional grocery stores, with around 73,000 colony-forming units of bacteria per square inch. To put things into perspective, the average shopping cart had around 361 times more bacteria than a bathroom doorknob. Yikes.

Credit: Graphic: ReuseThisBag.com / EMLab P&K

The type of bacteria you’re most likely to find on your shopping cart will also make you shudder – 75 percent of the bacteria found on the carts included fungus and other germs that can cause skin infections, and 90 percent of this bacteria is unsusceptible to antibiotics. Other findings included bacillus and yeast, which can cause food poisoning.

Other areas where germs live in the supermarket include freezer doors – which have nearly 18 times more bacteria than a used dog toy – and, surprisingly, raw vegetables.

The takeaway? You don't have to douse yourself in antibacterial gel before you head to the store. Just take a few seconds to wipe down your grocery cart and make sure to thoroughly wash your veggies when you get home.