Had to share...I received this great note from Mary Lynn after our session earlier this week. She's picked out her last two recipes for this week; and set an agenda for next week. Have a look & feel free to add questions of your own!

- Allison

Hi Allison,

I was really energized by yesterday's session. Thank you!! 

My two additional recipes are: Chicken and Chard Pasta Fagioli (I've never cooked with chard before) and Southwestern Cobb Salad (shown here).

I'm thinking about making a trip to Wegman's (about an hour away) in the next week and a half so if you think of any fun ingredients I should pick up, please let me know (in addition to more haricot verts!).

Also, for next week here are some topics I'd love to discuss:

1. Snacks that can be prepared with veggies ("beyond carrots and dip")
2. How do I use the bag of frozen edamame I have
3. Any ideas for "sneaking" vegetables into other food for kids (e.g., grated carrots in spaghetti sauce)
4. Ideas for eating more vegetables when you are on vacation (we're going to Disney World in March)

Mary Lynn