By: Tiffany Vickers Davis, Assistant Test Kitchen Director

I have a common problem at my home: My family equates “meat” with “meal.” We cannot seem to have one without the other. In the past year we have tried to pass on the meat, but more often than not, the whole family is not satisfied and runs to the fridge for some leftover meat item.

Our solution: Half the amount of meat at meals and add a bean dish. Though we are not huge bean lovers, we have found some tasty options on that help us maintain our protein level and keep us full. Our most recent favorite: Black Eyed Pea Cakes with Adobo Cream. In addition to having less meat at the meal, my husband took the remaining cakes to work for lunch the following day and was very satisfied.

If a bit of a ruse is necessary to maintain peace at your table, opt to slice, shred or chop the meat in your less-meat dishes. The picky eaters will have their meat illusion and you will have a healthier does of mealtime satisfaction.