If you want to get moving but can't find room to move in an overcrowded gym full of resolution makers, Healthy Habits Coach Allison Fishman Task offers her favorite no-gym/no-equipment-needed activities.

Host a dance party. "If you've got a bunch of kids cooped up in the house, crank up some music and dance. Or do it when you're alone. Either way, yes, you may look like a dork, but you're going to burn calories."

Go for a walk. "Exercise doesn't have to be complicated. My husband and I live a mile from downtown and occasionally walk to and from dinner."

Climb stairs. "It's really amazing how much toning and cardio you can do quickly with stairs. Start with a goal of walking up your stairs twice in a row. Then work up to three sets, four sets, until you get to 10 sets."

Jump for your heart. "A jump rope is the ultimate in exercise. You can use it just about anywhere. Start with just five minutes for the first week. Then work your way up to eight minutes the next."

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