If you're thinking you may take another few days to lounge around before starting your "workout resolution" for 2013, get off the couch right now and start moving. No excuses! Jump start your fitness goals while working off the Christmas food hangover by walking, hitting the gym, or doing some simple moves in your den.

Let us help you achieve your goals with our Ultimate Move Finder. This guide covers all the moves to shape and tone your body from top to bottom. From walking and jogging to strength training and stretching, we show you the techniques you'll need to feel confident and prepared to start a fresh fitness regimen today.

Not only does the Ultimate Move Finder break down dozens of moves for your arms, abs, butt, thighs, and back, it has 41 short demo videos to walk you through each exercise. Consider us your personal trainer.

Here's the plan: start small today with a short, 20-minute walk. Add 1 minute to your walk each day over the next two weeks to build stamina then gradually add power through circuit training. I love our 35-minute power walk that includes 9 resistance moves to rev up the metabolism.

What will you be doing today to get moving?