This challenge has been very eye-opening for me. I actually have more options to incorporate additional fruits and veggies in my day than I originally thought. It just took being accountable to make me think of ways to do it.

I am buying more fresh produce, but also a lot of frozen produce, too. Every Monday, my lunch break consists of going to the grocery store to pick up two bags of salad, grape tomatoes, croutons, and shredded cheese to last for at least 4 days of lunch at my desk. (I save the 5th day for my favorite Subway sandwich! It’s funny how it’s a bit of a treat now!) I also get a bag of almonds and 4-5 apples, which are easy to eat at my desk and stay fresh for a while. Now instead of hitting the chocolate basket for a snack, I reach for an apple or almonds (see more ideas for healthy office snacks). They are great and hit the spot, unlike chocolate which always leaves me wanting more!

When I prep for family dinners now, I have the freezer stocked with bags of steamed fresh veggies that take 5 minutes to cook. It’s GREAT! It may cost a tad more than fresh produce, but I have no worries about it going bad, and I can stock up. Also, the Sunday paper tends to have coupons for them almost every week.

One last thing to share that my family and I love – mixing together a bag of green grapes, pint of blueberries, and a container of cut up strawberries. It does take a little time to wash the fruit and cut the strawberries, but it’s a “snack” that lasts a few days. The kids love it, too, as it ties us over between school/work and dinner time.