By: Susan Davis, Cooking Light Birmingham Ad Sales Representative

My exercising definitely wanes when I get busy. It’s not just the exercise itself for me. It’s the getting ready, making the drive to the gym, getting to the spin (or aerobics) class on time, and showering/changing afterward to get back to work.

I’ve tried becoming a morning person to get the exercise I need out of the way first thing. However, that’s usually when I walk my dog, which can be slow going at times. (If the workers at the gym gave me the sad puppy dog eyes like he does, I would show up out of sheer guilt for sure!)
I have always tried to go to exercise classes or do team sports to stay active because they have a specific time and friends or teammates are expecting me to be present (again, guilt can be effective for me). But if I couldn’t break away at the appointed time, then I’d post-pone the workout and not replace it with anything else that day due to lack of time.  

I was glad to see the advice given to Phillip in the Jan/Feb issue of Cooking Light – the circuit, the dumbbell presses and rows, and skipping rope. I’ve been doing that for the past 2 weeks on the days when I don’t have time for a mid-day class. It has really helped! Since I can do it at home, I have no excuse not to get it in, and I’m seeing progress.

Any other quick, effective cardio tips are welcome!