By: Kimberly Holland

I’m that person who is comically late for everything—and not in the “I overslept my alarm” way.

Take yesterday morning for example: I was up by 8, which gives me about an hour to shower, dress, and eat breakfast before I need to leave for work. I was making good time, so I picked up an apple and banana from my fruit bowl and headed out. Then, as I sit down in my car: Rrrrriiiiipppp! Where once was a seam on my pants is now a gaping hole. I have to run back in (hands firmly on my backside so as not to expose myself to the neighbors), iron new pants, and then rush back out the door, thirty minutes behind schedule. When I get to work, I’m late for a meeting, so I rush to my desk, grab my notepad, then hurry off and hope they’ll have sympathy for my split-pants problem. The meeting ends just before lunchtime, and my stomach is lurching in agony.

  This is a typical morning for me, unfortunately: Something always seems to interfere with my perfectly-timed routine. If it’s not ripped pants, it’s Christmas trees falling off a truck and hitting my car (a true story, by the way).

Despite these interruptions, I do understand the importance of breakfast, and I work hard to make sure I have ample grab-and-go foods in my fridge and pantry. That way, even if I’m late—or I split my pants before I get out of the driveway—I have no excuse.

Some of my favorite fast breakfasts include:

Sliced homemade bread (such as Zucchini-Pineapple Quick Bread) with a smear of cream cheese or hazelnut butter
Single-serve Greek yogurt with honey or fruit topping
Fresh fruit and small packets of all-natural peanut or almond butter (much less mess and hassle than toting around a big jar)
Individual packets of oatmeal (My favorite is Maple & Brown Sugar Oat Revolution! by Better Oats.)
Make-ahead muffins, like our delicious Chocolate-Chocolate Chip Muffins shown here (I usually make a batch Sunday night and eat them throughout the week.)

So who has time for breakfast? With just a little planning, I do. And you do, too! Even when you melt six inches of hair with a straightener. (Another true story.)