In reading through the forecast of food trends predicted to immerge in 2013, I learned that this is the year of vegetables. Great news for good health! And the break out star is rumored to be cauliflower. Even better, that’s one of my very favorites.

When roasted, cruciferous cauliflower has a creamy texture that’s matched only by its slightly sweet, intensely nutty flavor, which is heightened when browned.  Eaten raw, cauliflower has a wonderfully crisp texture that snaps and mild, neutral flavor that pairs well with most any dip or spread. Roast cauliflower to toss with pasta or to make creamy soups. And if you simmer it in a flavorful liquid, like curry, it’ll take on the nuance of the fantastic liquid it cooks in.

Cauliflower is versatile—it won’t be relegated to obligatory “side dish” territory any more. In fact, it’s showing up all over the plate these days: anchoring appetizers, starring in soups and salads, adding unctuousness to pasta or any meatless main. Cauliflower pairs amazingly well with almonds, olives, chives, and parsley to name a few ingredients.

I don’t consider myself a slave to fads, but this is one trend I can get behind! Here are links to some of my favorite CL recipes that call for broccoli’s lesser-used cousin. Try them out and let me know what you think.  Better yet, do your own riff on cauliflower and share with the group.