This guest post was written by Joanna Phillips of Phillips Seafood. Her family has owned their business for four generations. Phillips is known on the East Coast for their delicious Maryland-style seafood, so it was only natural for Joanna and the rest of the Phillips folks to get on the Eat More Fish! Healthy Habits train.

It might seem like the Phillips family wouldn’t need any help making seafood the center of our plates at least two nights a week – and when you have so many delicious family recipes at your fingertips, it is pretty easy! But we’re always looking to try new and different ways to eat seafood, especially when it’s light and healthy. We were all excited to try some new recipes this month in honor of September’s Healthy Habit.

While we tried out several Cooking Light recipes, the Blackened Tilapia Baja Tacos were definitely a favorite of ours. In less than 20 minutes, we had an incredibly flavorful yet very nutritious dinner. Our Blackening Spice made a nice, zesty substitute for the seven-spice rub and cut back on prep time even more.

Out of all the recipes we tried, though, the one really that caught us by surprise was Curried Corn-Crab Cakes. The Phillips family prides itself on a mean crab cake – it all started with my grandmother Shirley’s recipe. We have to admit though, this spin on a traditional favorite won us over! It’s packed with interesting tastes and textures, while still retaining the classic crab flavor of a crab cake. We used a combination of backfin and jumbo lump crab meat, but any kind of crab meat would shine in this recipe.

We had a great time trying out some different recipes this month and I’m inspired to keep up with the adventurous cooking. Here’s to new twists on old family favorites!

Joanna Phillips