These are our food, exercise, and wellness goals for the new year—what are yours?
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Call them resolutions, goals, or ambitions, the start of the new year is an opportune time to game-plan for a better you.

At Cooking Light, we're here to help you build healthy habits, whether that means incorporating more plant-based foods into your diet, practicing mindful eating, or simply getting more sleep each night. 

Of course, we try to build our own healthy habits as well. While working at a healthy food magazine can project a halo of health over our heads, we're not perfect. And with 2017 now under our belts, we’re looking towards what we want to accomplish in 2018, whether it’s cooking more at home, signing up for a 5K race, or just resisting a third handful of chocolate pretzels from the office stash. Below, we’ve compiled our food, exercise, and overall wellness goals for the new year. 

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"I’ve never been someone who particularly enjoys exercise, so to kick off 2018, I’m going to try to get more active, explore a bunch of different fitness classes, and see if I can find one I truly love. I’ll be writing about my whacky classes, too!"

—Jaime Ritter, Associate Editor 

"Confession: I don't actually spend much time thinking about or watching what I, personally, eat. (I know! For shame!) I think I eat relatively healthy—I cook a lot of meals at home, and enjoy salads and vegetables.

But I also snack a lot, overindulge occasionally, and enjoy more than my fair share of salts, sugars, and saturated fats. So I’m going to try a 21-Day-Reboot from Seamus Mullen's Real Food Heals cookbook during the month of January—Mullen recommends cutting out sugars and carbs, and avoiding snack foods altogether. I’m curious to see if I can keep it up, and I’m hoping it ends up sparking some longer-lasting healthy habits!"

—Chris Michel, Editor

"I want to be more active. I plan on riding my bike more and playing more soccer while my knees still work!"

—Matthew Moore, Community and Editorial Content Manager

"I want to have a healthier relationship with my office chair. When I’m working, I’ll often look at the clock and realize I haven’t stood up (let alone moved) in over an hour. And while I know that sitting too much is bad for your health, I still do it anyway! Maybe a standing desk is the ultimate solution, but my first goal is to take a walk outside around our building at least once a day (even when it rains!). I know my body will thank me."

—Elizabeth Laseter, SEO Writer  

"I've really been into improving gut health recently. Therefore, I want to eat and drink more probiotic-rich foods. Also, I'm on the turmeric bandwagon, but this year, I’m going to up the ante on it and find more ways to cook with the spice." 

—Briana Riddock, writer

"My goal is to start exercising by first being more active—this isn't necessarily running to the nearest fitness bootcamp, it's just starting small and seeing where that takes me. So I'm aiming for thirty minutes a day of cardio—even if it's light, like walking to the CVS near my house instead of doing the one-minute drive. I can spare 30 minutes a day—I may try a quick run around my apartment complex, or even laps in the pool. I'm hoping that getting just a little bit more active could even lead to other activities—who knows!"

—Zee Krstic,

"My 2018 goal is to come up with a bedtime routine! I have a bad habit of eating dinner and then just watching TV until I go to bed. I'd like to start creating a better nightly routine for myself (both physically and mentally) that involves a little bit of relaxing yoga and then reading before going to sleep."

—Haley Sugg, Assistant Editor,

"I just want to start having a regular workout schedule again!"

—Arielle Weg, Cooking Light Diet

You've heard ours—what's your 2018 action plan? If you’re thinking about eating healthier, or trying to lose weight, consider signing up for the Cooking Light Diet, and keep in mind these tips for how to set goals so that you're likely to stick to them

And remember, your goals don't need to be huge to be legitimate. The biggest life changes always start with just a few small steps in the right direction.