When I started working with Elisa, I knew she was busy, but I didn't know that she was crazy busy.

This week, she confessed, "You know that line, 'if you can't get it done, give it to a busy person'? I'm that person. I'm the crazy one." And this coming week is exceptionally so; in addition to her full-time job, raising her toddler and 7-year old daughter, Elisa has a board meeting, a trunk show, and yet, this week, she knows she'll find time to work out. 

She knows she can because she did. 

You see, last week was crazy too, but she worked out in the home gym on Thursday night, took a hilly bike ride with her daughter on Sunday. Best part: she didn't coast when she could have, she cranked the gear way down to get the most muscle training out of the ride. Plus, she found time to work out during  lunch two days this month.

So that's a total of four workouts.

I only asked for two.

This is what I really love about setting goals, and my get-it-done girl Elisa. We set the bar low enough that she could achieve it (two days a week), and she's crazy enough that she'll exceed it. Last Monday, we said: work out on Tuesday. Her husband had an appointment, and couldn't relieve her from kid-care, so Tuesday was a bust. But Elisa wasn't going to let Thursday go down the same way; she was solidly motivated at that point.

And this week, instead of complaining about how little time she has as a result of her commitments, she turned that around and said, "If I can do trunk shows, if I can do board meetings, I can definitely find time to exercise!" Her old excuse became her rallying cry.

And the best part: she's using exercise as a way to get quality time with her daughter, not to mention modeling the importance of exercise! 

"I hope I’ve overcome the hurdle of saying there isn’t enough time to exercise. I like that I broke the bike out, and my daughter was so good, peddling so hard. It was such a good time with her; that just made it so much more worth it, that we got to do it together. Got one on one time and exercise at the same time."

A big smile and round of applause to you, Elisa. And for your final week, you have committed to doing three days of strength training. Can't wait to hear how it goes. We're cheering for you!