We've been so inspired by the contributions and stories of Cooking Light readers, friends, fans, and Tweeters that we've decided to write a book of shared wisdom and insights about 12 Healthy Habits. We've signed on Janet Helm—noted nutrition blogger, columnist, RD—to help put this book together. But we'd love to have you take part and share your dietary, exercise, and meal-planning challenges and solutions.

Sign up to be a 12HH contributor and take part in this exciting project.  Let us know if you've been inspired to adopt our healthy habits and tell us how you've been successful at making changes.  What's worked for you?  How were you able to overcome challenges and achieve your goal? Email Janet at and tell her your story. Or “Like” us on and share your HH tales there. No pay, only glory is all we can offer. We're sure that the collective wisdom of the Cooking Light crowd will yield an important book as we make 12HH a bigger, better program—and we need your help!