Cooking Light reader Ashley D. in Miami is getting married in February (congratulations!) and is worried about snacking and sweets as she embarks on married life. Can readers advise based on your own successes? The most common advice, of course, is to have lots of healthier snacks in the fridge; eat smaller portions of very satisfying sweet treats (like excellent chocolate) rather than bigger portions of junk; and make sure you have a filling meal—lots of whole grains and vegetables—at dinner to tide you over. But habits are hard to break, and that’s what Ashley is looking for some guidance about.

Here’s the email she sent:

Dear Cooking Light,

My biggest food challenge of 2011? Late-night snacking and sweets. I'm getting married next month and turning 25 two days after and don't want to let marriage add to my waistline like I keep hearing! Plus, as I get older, I know my metabolism is going to drop. And to top it off, high cholesterol runs in my family... and I've already been flagged by my doctor that I'm in the upper range, despite being a healthy weight and exercising (although I could do better). So I'm turning to Cooking Light... PLEASE help me and so many others beat our sweets cravings and late-night snacking! What do we do?