Back in February, I shared with Cooking Light readers about my Achilles tendon injury and how that hindered my exercise progress. And although that was (and still is) a big challenge, May's Healthy Habit to eat a healthy breakfast is even more of a struggle.

Most days, I don't eat breakfast. It's not a calorie-saving effort; it's more of a lack of effort. I typically snooze my alarm until about 8:30 a.m., then I'm at work by 9. That 15-minute window before I have to leave my house means I sacrifice either breakfast or my messy hair, and let me tell you a secret — it's never the messy hair.

The days I'm out the door just a few minutes early, I swing by the Starbucks that's 30 seconds from my house to pick up a tall bold coffee (hold the cream and sugar, please) and a Morning Bun, a deliciously unhealthy marriage of a croissant + cinnamon roll sans icing. And lately, I've been craving donuts, as if that's any better. On my good days, I happen to have Greek yogurt in my fridge that I bring to work.

So starting tomorrow, I plan to:
1. Comb through CL's breakfast options for ideas
2. Purchase breakfast items so I don't have to resort to my Morning Bun
3. Wake up 15 minutes early so I have time to make breakfast, even if I have to run out the door after

Are there any other time-crunched cats out there? What healthy things do you make/eat for breakfast if you're on the run?