Rob and Jenny just astound me. When we started working together, they couldn't find much they liked about fish. Their highest compliment for any fish dish they've had, ever, was "not bad". There were lots of complaints about the texture, the flavor and the general fish fun.

And today, just fifteen days later; they've tried ten (count 'em, TEN) new fish, and added them to their repertoire. Here's a list of the fish and how they did it:

Tilapia: Anyone for tacos? Jenny tried this recipe, and her family got a chance to try the fish. Jenny and Rob were shocked by how well their children took to fish. No drama, no push back. Since they had leftovers, they tried tilapia again, with pasta and with a salad. They found they liked it more every time.

Anchovies: Pretty aggressive fish to start with, right? Not so for Jenny and Rob. They used a little bit of anchovy paste in their Caesar Salad dressing, and agreed it was the best Caesar dressing they'd ever made.

Tuna: Jenny wanted to try tuna noodle casserole with her kids, as it's a classic, economical dish. Jenny sent me a note that said:

    "Oh my. It was delicious. Miriam said it was the best lunch she’s ever had! It was satisfyingly filling, but the Cooking Light version didn’t feel too heavy. Even Gus enjoyed it and I went back for seconds. And there’s plenty left over for lunch tomorrow!"

Take a look at these photos:

Red Snapper, Calamari, Shrimp, Scallops: For date night, Rob and Jenny went to a local restaurant that always serves good food. There was a "seafood special" on the menu that night, including all of the fish mentioned above. Rob suggested they go for it, since it's always a good idea to try well prepared fish made by someone else as well as cooking it yourself. They sent me a photo of a clean plate; they loved it that much.

Crab: Rob was really on a tear this week, and one day he found himself in a sandwich shop that offered a crabcake sandwich. Why not? Well, here's what Rob had to say, "It had a lot of cheese, and was kind of greasy. It’s what you expect from a place like that." But Rob saw the light, "I didn’t like it as a sandwich, but I liked the crabcake." Good for you for trying, Rob!

Salmon: Rob found himself at a dinner meeting, and ordered the salmon. He said it was great, and is looking forward to making it at home this week. "I really like everything I’ve tried; I could be happy eating fish regularly. I really like the texture now. I like that I don’t have to take a knife and slice into it; it just falls apart on it’s own. There’s something that’s cool about that." I'm telling you, Rob sounds like a great guy to cook for; he's eager to try new things, and eager to come around to food that's good for you. He's the kind of eater that earnestly tries to like new things. You picked a good one here, Jenny.

Clams: Jenny made clam chowder this week, a childhood favorite of Rob's (OK, so there's one fish dish that made the cut prior to this month). Jenny was not crazy about it, but the problem wasn't the chowder; it was the clams. They used pre-chopped canned clams, and loved the flavor, but found the texture inconsistent with the rest of the chowder. Next time, they'd rather have bigger chunks of clams, and that's a simple fix. Next time, they'll opt for whole canned clams and chop them themselves.

Two weeks and ten new fish. Jenny and Rob, you're an inspiration!