By: Vanessa Pruett, Cooking Light Test Kitchen Director

Is there an exercise program, a class, or a piece of equipment you’ve always wanted to try? For me that has been yoga. Those yoga-practicing Hollywood stars always appear calm and of course, gorgeous. The Beatles were into yoga, and I certainly loved them so why not?

Seriously, I know nothing about yoga but the perfect opportunity presented itself when I received a Groupon offer for 6 yoga classes at half price. The schedule of beginning yoga classes worked into my schedule. SOLD! No more excuses. 

I attended the first class this week, along with a friend who practiced yoga earlier in her life and was interested in trying it again. When I arrived, I was feeling a bit nervous and wondering if I might make a fool of myself, but when the substitute teacher showed up and happened to be someone I know, I relaxed immediately and realized how much I needed to focus on myself and leave the world behind for an hour.

The next 5 classes are already on my calendar. I was surprised by the difficulty and intensity of the class, but I left feeling relaxed and energized.

Has anyone else tried something new recently? Do you have any advice for a beginning yoga enthusiast?

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