I actually thought ahead before traveling the other day. With carrot sticks in a plastic baggie to eat as my snack (instead of the cookies the flight would offer) I boarded a plane. I know you are thinking, “Carrots, really?”  Well, yes, carrots, really!  I crunched away proudly while sipping water. I added in that serving of vegetables when it could have been so easy to just eat the cookies. I started the morning off right and later that day while dining at George’s at Alys Beach, I ordered the most delicious salad full of vegetables…the Portabella Veggie Stack. It’s a must order if you are ever there. I think it’s true, start your day off eating healthy and it will continue throughout.

I just received the Jan/Feb issue on my desk…I’m eating in tonight so what’s on my menu: Spinach, Endive and Tangelo Salad on Page 128. Looks good, right?


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