After having my initial consultation with fitness expert Myatt Murphy, I felt that February’s Get Moving challenge was not as daunting as I initially thought it would be. Although I don't clock many miles on the treadmill or sweat out at the gym, I am active, and I need to give myself credit for that. Just like the 12 Healthy Habits are small things that add up, so is fitness. Whether it’s my brisk 10 minute walk to work from the train in the morning or my 7 minute slow jog back to the train because I'm always running all adds up.

What I've committed to doing at least 1x midweek is get up a 1/2 hour early. I cannot always control the time I get home at night, but I can control what time I get up for the most part! So one day per week I get up at 5:20 am.

The first time the alarm when off I thought I'm crazy to be doing this. I pushed on though, changed into my sweat suit and made my way down to the basement where my tread mill is. Before I knew it I got all caught up on the morning news and my 20 minute run was done! I would have never ever thought of myself as a morning work out person, but I definitely should have pushed and tried this approach earlier in life!

While it's only been a few weeks, it seems to be working out easier than expected and has already become as routine as brushing my teeth and having that morning coffee.