There have been quite a few posts this July on how to add healthy fats to your diet if you're afraid of fat. Afraid? Of fat? It's not our fault; it's been drilled into us. We know better, and still: That little avocado makes us cower. Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • We know that fat in the mouth does not equal fat on the tush.
  • We know healthy fats help our nails and hair grow long.
  • We know that a gram of fat has 9 calories. And calories count.
  • And fats,'s sort of like dating a bad boy. It's just one date but...will I be able to restrain myself on the second date?

Fat is not a good thing in excess (neither is sunshine, lollipops, or bubble baths). Fat is exciting and sexy.The ultimate bad boy. But can you drive that bad boy into the sunset, like Olivia Newton John and John Travolta at the end of Grease?

More importantly, can you have avocado and salmon AND WEAR the cat suit and heels that Olivia rocked? Sure you can. 

And for our wrap up with July's coaching client, Julianne, here's how she did it:

1. "Avocado and salmon are easy for me mentally." So eat them. Yes, have the guac (skip the chips); maybe put some on your enchilada. Salmon is delicious and easy. Roast it. Grill it. Keep smoked salmon as a staple in your house. Keep canned salmon and make salmon burgers. Salmon, avocado. Have them every week. 

2. "Nuts are calorie dense, so that’s always been scary." Yep it is. But you're not eating candied nuts by the handful; you're sprinkling sesame seeds on your salad, grinding pine nuts and walnuts in the food processor with handfulls of basil for a pesto, toasting hazelnuts to top your sautéed green beans. It's ok; it's just a little.

3. "I was in a cooking rut, but I didn’t realize how much it was affecting my attitude and my families’ attude. This month was an adventure." If you're living a low-fat lifestyle, denying yourself delicious healthy fats, embracing them will be like going on a fantastic date after a long dry spell. Easiest way to makeover a bland low-fat lifestyle is to add healthy happy fats.

4. "The satiety thing. I'm not looking for snacks at 10:30 at night anymore." Of course not. You're fat and happy now. In all seriousness, fats help with satiety. I'd rather eat one good meal than two mediocre ones (and so would you!).

5. "I'm trying to embrace fats as a good thing. On an intellectural level – yeah sure, they're good. I was hoping to be able to learn some new patterns. Once we made a plan, that was helpful – I was just checking off my list. " It's the bad boy trap again. You know you'll like it, but isn't it bad for you? Can you control yourself? Yes. Follow the recipes and menus that Julianne did, just one fat at a time, and you'll have better tasting, more satisfying, simple food that you will enjoy. It's good and it's true. Just ask Julianne!

Thanks so much for following Healthy Fat month; tomorrow begins a new series of coaching sessions for August during which we'll go...VEGETARIAN!