By: Samantha Acari

The May goal of eating a healthy breakfast every morning is off to a good start for me—despite some obstacles! As a new mom, my routine is constantly changing and evolving. When I was interviewed for the 12 Healthy Habits article originally, my son was still not sleeping through the night, and often that meant that I didn’t get much sleep myself—I call it my “baby hangover.” This sleep deprivation really impacted life as I knew it: Feeling good and taking good care of myself didn’t seem to fit into the equation. All I wanted to do was eat bad food and drink tons of caffeine.

I was so happy when I was asked to participate in this 12 Healthy Habits challenge. I knew it would help jump start my healthy routine again—with the bonus luxury that I’d be getting advice from experts on how to navigate through breakfast, something that is vitally important for someone who is not the biggest fan of the first meal of the day.

The good news is my son is finally sleeping through the night (Hooray!), and what a different world I am living in now! Eating well and taking care of myself is a top priority again.

To help with my breakfast challenge and get me back on my healthy-life path, Cooking Light editors have provided me with great recipes and sandwich inspirations that have satisfied my taste for non-traditional breakfast meals. I’m loving the shaved ham, pear slices, and cheddar breakfast sandwich.

To make sure I don’t skip breakfast, I’m bringing my own to work at least two or three times a week now. And as much as I fight it sometimes, I really do feel much better and have a lot more energy when I start my day with a healthy breakfast.

Added bonus: That final few pounds of post-baby weight have really started to melt away with my new healthy habit.

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