This whimsical lunchbox teaches kids about balancing their food groups.
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Credit: Photo: Yumbox

Every parent hopes their child will grow up big and strong, happily eating all of their veggies and not developing a major sweet tooth or picky preferences along the way. But nutrition can be a tricky subject when it comes to kids, as shown by the statistic that one in every five U.S. school-aged children is obese.

While talking to children about their weight itself tends to backfire, it's always a good idea to start teaching kids early about eating a balanced diet full of bright and healthy foods. An easy way to bring this subject up (and stay consistent with balancing meals) to invest in a Yumbox

Yumbox is a divided lunchbox (available in four or six compartment models) that feature adorable designs to create a balanced meal. Leakproof and easy to open for small hands, the Yumbox is the perfect size for kids to take to school. It would also work well for adults looking to pack smaller, portioned lunches.

Credit: Photo: Yumbox

Each Yumbox with six-compartments has labeled sections for children to know just how much of each food group they should be consuming. Protein, grains, vegetables, fruit, and dairy are all included. There's even a handy little spot for a treat (or note) as a bonus. Available in endearing themes like pirates, space, or the circus, your kids are sure to be pleased when they eat to the bottom of each section.