KIND's latest addition to the snack aisle challenges sugar-packed competitors. 
Credit: Courtesy of Target.

Many shoppers are very familiar with the KIND bar’s presence in the grocery store and beyond. Available in aisles ranging from health-focused to breakfast, and even lined up along the checkout, these snacks are popular with retailers. But the brand is pushing into a new arena in the hopes of disrupting how consumers judge snacks and their subsequent nutritional worth.

KIND released a new line of fruit snacks known as Fruit Bites after pulling a marketing stunt that drew a lot of eyes to the brand’s mission. The snack company dropped more than 45,000 pounds of packaged sugar in Times Square before sculpting child-like sculptures with it – symbolizing the increasing levels of sugar being consumed by children in the U.S. every day. The company claims in a press release that their new fruit-snack products contain real fruit and no added sugars, juices, concentrates or preservatives.

Credit: Chicago Tribune / Getty

Parents might be more inclined to pick up the new product after reading a 2016 study put out by the American Heart Association illustrating that children consume more than three times the amount of sugar that they should be eating. And while releasing sugar levels for products isn’t a new practice for the brand, the KIND Fruit Bites might be taking the company's commitment to creating healthy foods to a new level.

KIND's transparency with ingredients is especially important in light of recent lawsuits against companies like Welch’s for misconstruing the healthiness of their products. Relatively new brands with a refined approach to wholesome products, like KIND or Chobani, have caused an upset in the share of profits for other major food companies. Kellogg’s Special K bars suffered a 39 percent decline in sales since 2011, whereas KIND products have seen a 10 percent increase in sales during the same time period.

Since it is back to school season, which usually means packing snacks and meals on-the-go, KIND's Fruit Bites may be a good choice for your child's next lunchbox. Many hope that other companies will take notice KIND’s commitment to healthy options and try to offer alternatives to the alarming slew of sugar-packed snacks that many kids choose to eat on a daily basis.