The big game weekend is finally here! Millions of Americans will convene Sunday in living rooms, backyards *weather permitting* and public venues to watch the New England Patriots take on the defending champion Seattle Seahawks (6:30PM ET on NBC). This one has all the makings of an instant classic. Who will claim victory? How amazing will Katy Perry's halftime performance be? Will the balls be properly inflated? All good questions.

The most important question for Super Sunday, however, is this: What will you be munching on? Most will go the conventional route—burgers, brats, dips, chips, pizzas, that old chestnut. Rather than serving up the usual fare, we suggest making your game gathering extra "Soup-er" via these 4 delectable soup recipes—two creamy and two broth-y—that will please every type of palate at your party. Because, let's face it. It's really, really cold out there, and you could use some soul-warming soup to heat you from the tips of your toes to your ears while watching this awesome matchup. Shun the norm Sunday and serve your guests a buffet-style selection of Soup-er recipes. If you your crowd is bigger and you need even more ideas for tasty soups to serve, browse our collection of more than 100 soup recipes, and Happy Soup-er Sunday! Enjoy.