Okay, Mallory B. I accept your #GimmeFive Challenge! In honor of the Fifth Anniversary of Let's Move, First Lady Michelle Obama is challenging friends and family to #GimmeFive and set five goals for leading a healthier life.

Here are mine.

1. Get back on the hog. It's spring in Birmingham, which means my hog, a 10-year-old Carolina Blue NYC cruiser, needs some love. I brought it to the office yesterday and took a 20-minute ride, a fun way to add a little cardio each day.

2. Plan ahead. When my wife and I plan the week of meals ahead, we succeed at cooking healthy family dinners for our girls and saving money. In a dinner rut? Here's a great source for family-friendly meals:

3. Make the morning workout routine more efficient, which basically means get the hell out of bed, chug coffee, and put on the running shoes. Faster.

4. Gather to watch March Madness. The NCAA tournament is a rite of passage, and I'll be watching it with fellow Tar Heel friends and family. If UNC loses, we'll maintain a healthy attitude by rooting for anyone who plays Duke.

5. Take Sunday Suppers outside. Sunday afternoons mean grilling in our backyard and cooking big batches of spring vegetables and grains we can parlay into leftovers. Looking for ideas? Check out food editor Hannah Klinger's smart Cook Once, Eat 3X column in Cooking Light.

Okay, Grant Brigham and my friends at Jones Valley Teaching Farm, join the fun. We challenge you to #GimmeFive!