Spoiler Alert! Don't read this post if you don't want to know about the final episode of Mad Men.

Last night, on the series finale of Mad Men, it didn’t look good for our “hero” ad man Don Draper. He had lost his creative mojo and was wandering aimlessly around the country, hopeless and sad. But just as it seemed all was lost, Don gets his groove back while meditating on a hilltop—of all things—and comes up with what was the most famous TV commercial of my childhood. The ad, a Coca-Cola spot, featured people from a multitude of backgrounds and ethnicities singing a song that anyone who experienced the '70s and '80s can probably sing verbatim. That song inspired us to be better, get along, to do what’s right. And the way that would happen? Gather and drink Coca-Cola—if we all sipped soda together, than the world would be “in perfect harmony.” If you ask me, that’s just mad, man.

Cola and soda pop are specifically linked to obesity and bring absolutely no nutritional value to the table. I am not so sure how that’s going to put balance in people's lives. Those empty calories (about 31 pounds of sugar if you drink 1 can of regular soda per day for an entire year) will do more to increase diabetes and obesity in our children than they will bring about world peace. Don’t get me wrong: I am at the front of the line when it comes to peace, love, and understanding—I just know better than to expect a bottle of soda to be the conduit of such important change.

I will miss you Don, but no thanks, I’ll have a glass of fizzy water with lemon. Cheers!