FRONTLINE joins bestselling author Paul Greenberg as he delves into seafood sustainability and health with The Fish on My Plate.
Credit: Photo: Ross Woodhall / Getty

Finding a balance between seafood options that are healthy for the consumer and the Earth can be a difficult task. This conundrum is fuel for fisherman and author Paul Greenberg in the new FRONTLINE PBS documentary, The Fish on My Plate

In this 90-minute special, airing on PBS stations and online April 25, Greenberg delves into finding healthy solutions for people and the planet. During the film, the research for his upcoming book, The Omega Principle, culminates in Greenberg eating seafood at every single meal for an entire year. The author's hopes are that a drastic increase of omega-3s will result in a significant health improvement. 



Along with the nutritional aspect of seafood, Greenberg also travels across the world to get a grasp on sustainability. He makes visits to Norway, the origin point of modern fish farms, Alaska, a major area for salmon fishing, and Peru, which contains the world's largest wild fishery. On his journeys, Greenburg documents the struggles and solutions of the modern-day fishing industry, ranging from sea parasites infecting fish farms to genetically modifying fish for easier raising.

To find out Greenburg's health results after consuming over 700 fish-based meals, and learn why that seafood you had for dinner might have traveled thousands of miles to get to the store, be sure and tune in to watch The Fish on My Plate.