Dinnertime might be where we make our worst decisions. It’s been a long day, we’re tired, and we just want to eat something—anything.

But Plated, a startup that delivers everything you need to cook chef-designed recipes at home, can help you in this fragile state. How, exactly? Well, with Plated, you can...

1. Take The “Routine” Out Of The Dinner RoutineIf you feel like your daily existence is stuck on repeat, Plated can inject some life into it. They take antibiotic-free meat, sustainably sourced seafood, and seasonal produce and make healthy, flavorful meals. And with a menu that changes each week, you’ll never get the same recipe twice.

2. Make It Easy On YourselfPlated makes it easy to eat well: You go to their site and choose the recipes you’d like. On your selected delivery date, a hand-packed box arrives with all of the fresh, pre-portioned ingredients to prepare your meals.

3. Avoid Having To Make Extra TripsYou don’t have to find the time between work and home to hit the grocery store, because Plated takes care of all that—from farm to front door. If one of the dishes calls for two wild-caught salmon fillets and three ounces of foraged mushrooms, you’ll get exactly that.

4. Stop Spending So Much On TakeoutAt the end of a stressful day, the temptation for takeout is real. But done habitually, it can add up to a shrinking checking account and an expanding waistline. Instead, for as low as $12 a plate, you get to discover and cook healthy, seasonal recipes from a chef-designed menu.

5. Eat Restaurant-Quality Food in Your PajamasWe’ve all had this moment: “I want to go out for a nice dinner… but then I’d have to put on pants.” Plated brings you the best part of restaurant dining—thoughtfully crafted meals you get to share with someone—without having to leave your home.

Ready to start cooking? Plated is offering a special discount to Cooking Light readers: Click here and get your first 4 meals free!