There are two very simple parameters for a great summer beer:

  1. It must be refreshing.
  2. It must be so incredibly sippable.


This refreshingly crisp brew is Harpoon’s rendition of a classic German Kölsch-style ale. Though light and slightly lemony, the beer offers a pleasantly lush, creamy body. With a faint sweetness and crisp finish, this is an extremely sippable brew--perfect for a long afternoon of patio, pool, or porch relaxation.


Titled after the Flemish word for “sun,” ZŌN, was crafted with thirst-quenching in mind. This interpretation of a Belgian-style witbier delivers bright and juicy orange citrus notes balanced with a delicious hint of spicy coriander. Pleasantly malty and abundant in flavor, this is a good brew to whip out for grilled veggies, seafood, and summer pastas.

4.4% ABV,


Victory Summer Love Ale

Sunny citrus with a hoppy background make this golden ale a golden pick for summer. A little heavier on the palate (and on the ABV) than some of the other selections, this is a brew you’ll want to enjoy one or two of with food. BBQ pork, smoked or grilled chicken, and grilled pizza would make a great circle of friends with this malty beer.

5.2% ABV,


During the brewing process, this summer seasonal from 21st Amendment Brewery goes through a second fermentation with fresh watermelon to produce a dry, crisp American wheat beer that screams of summer. The watermelon flavor is not overwhelming, but delightfully distinct on the finish, making this a choice sipper. Personally, I want to plan a picnic solely so that I can pack a cooler of this mellow beauty to share.


What are you sipping this summer?