College football fans sure do love our tailgates. They're a delightful amalgam of (hopefully) crisp, cool weather, delicious food, imperfectly measured libations, passionate hypotheticals ("Seriously, man... I think we have a shot at the championship this year!"), fellowship and so much more. But what's a tailgate without the proper accoutrements? Picture Destiny's Child, minus the Bey.

Fear not, for in honor of the fifth week of college football I've put together five items that are guaranteed to make your next tailgate sizzle. Enjoy!

1. ECOEXTREME, $50. Whether you enjoy tuning in to game day action on the radio or listening to your favorite tunes, this Extreme Speaker Case has you covered. It's impact resistant, universally compatible to accommodate any MP3 player from iPhones to Blackberrys, available in seven different colors, and delivers great sound from its 3" speaker. The best part? In the event of rain or a flash flood, it's waterproof, and it floats!

2. Stash & Dash, $50. This is a tote for serious tailgaters who make sure no accessory is left behind. With eight exterior pockets and a large, lightly padded interior, it's the perfect game day picnic basket. And it comes in three different styles that can be personalized to promote your team pride. (Mine would say "Hotty Toddy.")

3. Susty Party Party Pack, prices vary. Every game gathering needs plates and cutlery, so why not buy 'Merican? Susty produces compostable tableware from renewable resources, made in the good ol' USA by the blind and visually impaired through a partnership with the National Institute for the Blind (learn more here). Not only do these products look great, but they also make you feel great knowing you're doing your part for Mother Nature and the NIB. Talk about a great tailgate conversation starter!

4. Vulture Equipment Works Cholera Fixed Blade, $190. This is a must-have for the Tim Taylor in you. This skillfully-crafted knife features a modified Gyuto design, which in Japanese literally means "meat sword." So not only will this blade make your favorite male tailgater feel über macho, but it's also made from the highest quality military grade high carbon alloy steel to withstand time and the elements. Translation: it will carve through your grilled gameday-game like butter…forever.

5. Microplane Stainless Steel Bar Tool, $20. Wow friends and family with your deft mixology skills using this libation wonder-tool. This compact 3-in-1 microplane features a garnishing blade and a bottle opener in its ergonomic handle, allowing you to pop tops and zest or grate citrus in a flash. Never again will I lament at not having the necessary tool on hand to complete my pregame gin and tonics. The world's starting to make a lot more sense, y'all.

There you have it. Grab some of these goodies for yourself or a friend (Christmas is just around the corner*HINT HINT*) and get amped up about Saturday's games! Cheers.