Join us each month as we round up our favorite seasonal posts from the Cooking Light Blogger Connection.

This month's theme is delicious pies, and we've covered everything from pecan to peanut butter.

1. Clean No-Bake Peanut Butter PieIf you've ever whirred a frozen banana in the food processor, you know it turns into delicious vegan ice cream. iFoodReal takes it one step further by adding peanut butter and vanilla to make a deceivingly healthy pie filling.

2. Cherry Hand Pies: Not only do these pies keep portion control in check, but the cherries can be subbed out for any seasonal fruit. In need of a mini pie cutter? Teaspoon of Spice suggests the lid of a Mason jar.

3. Silky Sweet Potato Pie: Julia at The Roasted Root prefers sweet potato pie to pumpkin, and after salivating over her guilt-free pie, we might just be convinced as well. 

4. Deep-Dish Chocolate Bourbon Pecan PieWhy settle for plain ol' pecan when you could mix in some chocolate and bourbon? With its decadent filling and deep-dish crust, this pie from Kumquat will be the star of the holidays.

5. Raspberry-Brown Butter Custard Pie: A mix of creamy custard and fresh raspberries makes Taking on Magazines' pie a real crowd-pleaser. Top with whipped cream for a picture-perfect slice.