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Each Friday, we share five things that are getting buzz around the Cooking Light offices—from what we’re reading around the Web, to what’s hot on Instagram, or even our latest favorite ingredient.

1. Bad Food Bans. This week, Mississippi's state senators and representatives passed a measure that would prevent cities or counties from banning a food based on its nutritional content. The bill also blocks laws that would seek to cap portion sizes and prohibits requiring nutrition labeling on restaurant menus. In other words, they like their food super-sized, and they'll pass laws to keep it that way. It's unfortunate news for a state that once again has the highest rate of obesity in the United States--more than a third of adults in the state are obese. Read more about Mississippi's ban on food and drink bans.

2. What to Buy Right Now: Blis Fish SauceAging things that aren't bourbon in used bourbon barrels is a microtrend. Blis Foods applies the process to sherry vinegar and maple syrup. Fish sauce is an inspired choice. Barrel aging makes it intensely beefy, subtly smoky, and lightly sweet, without the fish funk ($18/200-milliliter bottle). Buy Blis Fish Sauce at BlisGourmet.com, or sign up to be notified when Amazon has more in stock.

3. Hot Foodies. The food lovers over at The Daily Meal have put together their list of the 60 Coolest People in Food and Drink. You might recognize a few faces from Cooking Light, including Amanda Cohen, Frank Stitt, and Nathan Myhrvold. It's a fascinating read for any foodie, but honestly, you had us at George Clooney.

4. A Thoroughly Irish Menu. Sunday is St. Patrick's Day, and if you're Irish (or really wish you were), you'll be looking to put together a festive feast that's light on calories but big on flavor. We've got an entire gallery of healthy Irish recipes just for you, including Beef and Guinness Stew and Irish Coffee.

5. Veg Out! Is it possible to make the function of fiber sexy? Justin Timberlake may have just done that! See his musical bid to get us all to bring it on down to Veganville on NBC.com. The fun begins around the 18:00 mark.

Photo: George Clooney | Helga Esteb