Each Friday, we share five things that are getting buzz around the Cooking Light offices—from what we’re reading around the Web, to what’s hot on Instagram, or even our latest favorite ingredient.

1. Are you still in a food coma from yesterday's patriotic events? We certainly are. But that doesn't keep us from daydreaming about burgers. Meaty, juicy burgers. To help fuel our dreams, we've been clicking and sharing Serious Eats's United States of Burgers. As they say, "Every state has its bird, and it turns out that most, if not all, states have their burgers. From Cooking Light's home state, Alabama, they offer the Fried Green Tomato-Topped Burger. See your state's burger, and then check out our collection of healthy burgers if you're craving one as badly as we are after a few clicks on the country.

2. What beats a burger? A burger and booze! The editors at Thrillist created a state-by-state guide of the biggest beer and liquor companies. It's a fun look at the drinks that make our country very fun -- and very tasty. Also, we love that Birmingham-based Good People Brewing Company was the selection from Alabama. We're big fans of Good People!

3. Are the temps as hot where you are as they have been here? We're used to the heat (mostly), but that doesn't mean we enjoy it. Cool down with a scoop of creamy, light homemade ice cream. Pick one from our 14 homemade ice cream recipes. Ice cream is a good source of calcium, too -- a half-cup serving has more than 10 percent of your daily calcium requirement. See other good sources of calcium and find out how much calcium you're getting from Fit Sugar.

4. Do you Instagram? We do. And we'd love to have you follow along with us. Each day, we share sneak peeks from our Test Kitchens, garden, and photo studio. You never know when you'll catch an early glimpse into our next big food story. Now, we want to share your photos, too. Next time you upload a photo of a Cooking Light dish, add #CookCL. We just might share your photo on our Instagram, on our blog, or in the magazine.

5. Bouncing berries! Blueberries and blackberries are bursting out of the garden right now. Are you looking for creative ways to use the bounty of berries you're likely to find at the farmer's market or in your own backyard? We've got 26 berry recipes that use the flavorful fruits in everything from a margarita to a berry galette with cornmeal crust.