Skip the long lines and expensive gym memberships by working out from the comfort of your own home with these free online fitness videos. As certified instructors guide you through various workouts, you will break a sweat and see results without the hassle of getting to the gym, fighting for a spot, and elbowing your way through the locker room. We narrowed down YouTube's thousands of fitness channels to our favorites so you can keep your New Year's resolutions on track all year long.
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Gyms are crowded in January. When everyone resolves to get back into shape, shed pounds, and return to a workout routine, those of us who are regularly at the gym can feel a little crowded. Our No-Gym January Challenge encourages people to stay out of the gym. That's right. Stay at home!

We've put together a list of 5 YouTube fitness channels that are sure to help you break a sweat (we know—we tried them all). Combine this with our list of the best free fitness apps and our tips for building an inexpensive home gym, and you'll be sweating, slimming down, and shaping up better than any person at the gym.

Fitness Blender

Led by a husband-and-wife team with years of experience in the fitness and health world, Fitness Blender has a video for everyone. Each video begins with simple instructions for timing and a breakdown of each move. The videos are easy to follow, and you can still play your favorite workout playlist in the background while listening to their instructions. They offer over 500 free, full-length videos that target different muscle groups and use different equipment. Some videos need no equipment at all.


If you love workout classes but hate the price and hassle of going to the gym, this is the channel for you. POPSUGAR Fitness' channel features hundreds of videos and provides upbeat, high-energy classes, step-by-step tutorials and full-body workouts led by fitness professionals alongside Hollywood celebrity trainers. Not only are there traditional cardio classes, this channel also includes the most current fitness trends from P90X to barre workouts - that can all be done from your living room right now.


From Jillian Michaels to Jane Fonda, this channel includes all the famous names of the fitness world. If you're looking to be inspired and truly motivated during your workout, this channel has it all. From cardio-weight classes to a 10-minute ab session, you can tailor these videos around your schedule and fitness level. You can even use their yoga and relaxation videos to wide down at the end of a long day. You will really see results by sticking with this channel and following their 30 or 90 day workout plans.

XHIT Daily

Inspired by a celebrity, actor, or even a Victoria's Secret model to get in better shape? These workouts are designed to sculpt and tone your body just like stars we see walk down the red carpet or runaway. Not only does this channel provide high-intensity, calorie-burning workouts that you can do at home, you can slowly watch step by step as the instructors demonstrate how to properly perform a move. The best part? You can always pause and rewind the video if you get confused.


This channel not only provides fitness videos from Pilates to yoga, LivestrongWoman also puts a large emphasis on mental health and diet. The channel has three different levels of yoga, all which have a variety of videos. You can pick from very basic demonstration videos and simple informational videos about workout equipment. From healthy recipes to fitness tips, this channel has all the perks of a personal trainer for free.