Lunges sculpt, build muscle, and increase the number of calories you burn
Credit: David Martinez

Adding muscle training to your walk is a good way to sculpt the body while increasing caloric burn. Lunges do just that, targeting the muscles of the hips and lower legs, which help with stability and improve walking performance. Try reversing the move and lunging backward uphill for a unique twist on the traditional forward lunge. This targets muscles of the glutes and back of the legs more so than the forward uphill version.

Reverse hill lunge
Stand with back facing the base of a hill or incline. Keep core muscles engaged with abs tight as you lunge to the rear with right leg. Right knee should almost touch the ground, while left, front knee should not extend past toes. Keep hips square. Step back to starting position, bringing feet together. Allow two counts for each lunge. Perform eight reps, then switch legs.

Quick Tip: Do these lunge sequences toward the middle of your walk, after you have warmed up but before you become too tired.